Hi there,
I am a ‘forever design student’

Always eager to stay in tune with the latest digital design practices, through continued coursework and professional development.

What I bring to the team

Analytical thinking skills

My background in engineering has equipped me with the ability to identify and define problems, extract key information from data and develop innovative solutions.

Empathy in communication

Working as a Sales Engineer I was translating customers’ requirements into products. At the same time, I was striving to communicate complex technical applications in a way that clients understand. As a means to succeed, I was always considering the recipient of the information in order to communicate what is important in a simple and efficient way.

Quantitative data analysis skills

During my studies as a Mechanical engineer, I built strong quantitative data analysis skills and I was made able to understand and interpret data and findings related to mathematics, statistical analysis, and software applications.

Visual design skills

Practicing Graphic Design and Art Photography, I have built a solid foundation in typography, layout and visual comprehension. I am capable to establish visual hierarchy and deliver simple and efficient interfaces.

What I can do

Why did I choose User Experience Design?

I started learning about UX Design and its significance out of interest in how software is designed.

I was working with Solidworks and Autocad and I was challenged by their complexity and at the same time impresed by their utility. I was wondering how software designers handle such complexity and I got fascinated when I figured out that uncovering users’ frustrations, wants and needs, is the best way to design delightful and purposeful digital experiences.

Shortly I realized that I had the drive and core soft skills to succeed in the field and after training in UX Design at UC Berkley Extension, User Research became the area of my main interest.

My artistic nature

Art helps me to broaden my visual sensitivity to design. I enjoy black and white photography and in my free time I build personal art projects. 

If you wish to view my work you could visit my art portfolio.

Featured Project: Abstract by nature

Awarded with the 1st place in the Fine Art category - The Weston Scholarship 2020

Do you have any questions?